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Your windshield wipers play an important role in the safety of your car. Without them, driving during inclement weather would be nearly impossible and certainly not safe. That is why having high quality windshield wipers is so important.

If you’re attempting to drive home in torrential rain, but your wipers are not doing their job, an accident could be a second away. Additionally, wipers in need of replacement can stutter across the window, leaving streaks. When you can’t see out of your window, your reaction time is severely compromised.

Automotive experts recommend that windshield wipers be replaced every six months, or whenever they are showing signs of wear, such as cracks or ineffective windshield clearing.

You can prolong the life of your wipers with a few simple steps. Every so often, take a soft, wet cloth and run it along the length of your wipers. This will clean away any built-up dirt and grime, which will help your windshield wipers clean more effectively. At the same time, you can also inspect the wipers to ensure they are still pliable and not cracked.

Dirty or worn wipers are not only detrimental to your visibility, but they can also scratch your windshield, which could lead to cracks and expensive repairs. By spending just a few minutes and a small amount of money, you can prevent this from happening.

Here at Krause Toyota, we can inspect your windshield wipers whenever you come in for service. We can let you know if your wipers are in good shape or in need of replacement. If we do replace your old windshield wipers, we will always use genuine Toyota wipers that are a perfect fit for your car. Our staff will also ensure they work the way that they are supposed to. We want to be certain that you and those who ride with you arrive safely to your destination.
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