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Toyota Hybrid Model Lineup | Breinigsville, PA

Since the Prius became the first mainstream hybrid 15 years ago, Toyota has been one of the forerunners for hybrids and other eco-friendly vehicles. Their 2015 lineup doesn't deviate from this reputation.
2015 Prius
Here it is – the original mainstream hybrid. Its shape, one of its most iconic features, was designed to be aerodynamic and provide the least amount of wind resistance possible, making driving the Prius quiet and fuel efficient. The Hybrid Synergy Drive combines the benefits of a gas engine with a clean, green electric motor, and the LED headlights use 20-30% less energy than ordinary headlights. The Prius also comes with three driving modes: EV, which allows you to run on battery power (only for up to one mile), ECO, which uses technology to adjust for optimized fuel economy, and POWER.
2015 Avalon Hybrid
The Avalon Hybrid also makes use of the Hybrid Synergy Drive's ECO and EV modes, and it has obtained a SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) rating. It runs on 40 mpg, making it incredibly fuel efficient. You can also use its technologically-advanced Multi-Information Display to track fuel economy and monitor your energy.
2015 Highlander Hybrid
Most hybrids have a reputation for being compact, but the Highlander Hybrid has seating for 8 and even more room for storage. It also possesses Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive, which means, like the other members of the lineup, it has ECO and EV driving modes, allows its drivers to monitor power consumption, and comes with a SULEV-II rating. This hybrid even comes with towing capabilities up to 3,500 lbs.
2016 Prius v
The 2016 Prius v comes with the same eco-friendly features as previous Priuses, but with improvements. The Hybrid System Indicator screen allows you to monitor your fuel efficiency in a variety of ways, including the ECO score, a feature which scores your driving out of 100 based on how efficiently you drive. The Prius v is also a SULEV, and one of the attributes that earned it that title is the electric motor's ability to convert momentum into electricity and store this energy in the battery while the driver is decelerating.
2016 Camry Hybrid
With 200 hp and 43 mpg, the Camry Hybrid is no joke. It, too, comes with the Hybrid Synergy Drive expected of Toyota's green cars, and the reduced tire rolling resistance improves fuel economy. What sets this car apart from Toyota's other hybrids, however, is the battery placement. The battery is located ahead of the trunk, between the seats, in order to preserve trunk space, so you can have all the clean efficiency of a hybrid without sacrificing space.
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