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Why Should You Use Genuine Toyota Parts? Keep Your Toyota a Toyota!

One of the biggest benefits of dealership service over independent mechanics is the dealership’s access to genuine manufacturer parts, but what makes them so much better than generic parts? When it comes to your Toyota vehicle, genuine factory original parts are the only thing you should be putting in your car.
Choose Genuine Toyota Parts at Krause Toyota
For one thing, nothing will fit your car better than the part that was designed for that specific car, in that specific year, on that specific trim level. When you go to a Toyota dealer for maintenance and you need a part replaced, your technician will find the part that is perfectly molded to your car, while a generic part may not fit quite right.

Plus, when it’s Toyota, you know it’s made with the utmost precision and with the highest quality materials available. More cheaply made generic or aftermarket parts can’t hold a candle to the quality of Toyota parts, and Toyota’s dedication to low-waste production and environmentalism lower your impact, which can’t be said of most generic parts.

It’s also worth considering that keeping your car fitted with genuine parts increases its resale value and generally makes it more desirable to both dealerships, in the case of trade-ins and independent buyers, and the warranties on generic parts typically aren’t as broad as the warranties for genuine parts, if they have a warranty at all.

There’s also your convenience to keep in mind; genuine parts take less time to find and install than non-genuine parts and are usually on hand or easily ordered at the dealership. And really, the precisely-fitted genuine Toyota part just looks better than an aftermarket part.

So if you need to replace a part, get genuine Toyota. It’s all around a smarter choice than aftermarket parts.
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